In Just 12 Weeks"

It's Maks, and I want to personally thank you for checking out the video above. Watch the entire video above before reading this as it contains some key information about how I will help you increase your vertical jump.

And if you've finished watching and you're looking for a vertical jump training system that will get you jumping higher then ever... I'd love to train you in my Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 program. 

The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 is the first workout system designed to maximize the results from your leg workouts and help you jump higher within days. The workouts will be short, but INTENSE… They're a combination of heavy, compound weightlifting combined with plyometrics... and they're designed to get you to dunk as soon as possible.


I know that The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 will help you increase your vertical jump. Just like it has for the hundreds of guys that have sent in success stories. And I know you'll love it once you start doing the workouts. So...I've figured out a way that you can try the system out risk free to see if you like it.

Order The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 now, and do the workouts for a full sixty days. I know you'll love them, but if you're not satisfied for any reason just contact me by email within 60 days for a 100% money-back refund. I'm offering you the chance to try VJT 2.0 out risk free like this because I know the program can really help you add inches to your vertical jump and you'll see that once you have access.

Click the button to the right to order VJT 2.0, and to start training with me. I'll see you inside!

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What You Get With
The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0

Full VJT 2.0 Training Program. This system includes 12 weeks of weightlifting and plyometric exercises that will turn you into a high-flyer! The VJT 2.0 is based on special workouts that professional athletes use around the world to enhance their athletic abilities. This system comes with strength exercises, plyometrics, the full workout itself, everything in one sweet and easy to understand ebook.

Online Exercise Video Descriptions. The VJT 2.0 comes with a description of the exercises that you will be doing. You will also get online access to videos of the exercises. You will be getting the top vertical jump training exercises that guarantee to increase your hops, while paying close to nothing.

Vertical Jump Workout Plan At Home. Don't have access to a gym? No worries, because VJT 2.0 comes with an alternative home workout plan that will help you jump high. The best part about it is that you will not need to use any weights, only your bodyweight.


You'll get 4 weeks of 1-on-1 personal email coaching from me.That means that anytime you have a question about the vertical jump workouts, you can just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you within 48 hours with an answer to your question that's personalized for you.

Have an injury you need to work around? I'll work with you to customize your program so that you're getting effective workouts without pain or risk of re-injury.

Do you have lifestyle constraints that make it hard for you to follow the workout? I'll design a workout just for you which will give you results AND fit into your busy lifestyle. I'll help you 1-on-1 with any roadblock that's holding you back, and work with you personally to ensure you achieve your dunking goals. 

I'll also keep you motivated to consistently do the workouts. CONSISTENCY is the most important factor in training your vertical jump...and I'm going to do everything I can to keep you motivated and consistent. You'll find that our regular email conversations keep you focused, on track, and primed for success.

You get coaching from me. I don't leave you to figure all this stuff out on your own, even though you probably could. I make sure you get it right and am there when you need anything. Sold separately my coaching bills at $150/hr. You get FREE 4 week one-on-one email coaching.

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User Submitted Testimonials 
From REAL People Like YOU
Here's What Makes 
Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 Different

Simple Exercises That Are Easy To Learn. There is no need for special equipment with The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0. All you need is access to a weight room and you will increase your vertical jump in no time. No need to spend countless hours doing silly jumping drills that have minimum effect. The exercises in this system are easy to learn and very effective. The VJT 2.0 also comes with an alternative at home vertical jump workout plan.

The BEST Vertical Jump Training At The BEST Price. You will be getting the top vertical jump training methods that guarantee to increase your hops, while paying close to nothing. The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 has a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. You are getting the best vertical jump system that is proven to work at the best price.

Designed By A Trainer You TRUST. Unlike all the self proclaimed vertical jump “experts” out there I have video proof of myself going from nothing to dunking. You have seen my videos and you have seen the results other guys have gotten with The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0. I have a passion for jumping high and I am passionate about helping you increase your vertical jump.

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Here's How The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 
Compares To Other Vertical Jump Program
Try The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0

I know this is the program that will add inches upon inches to your vertical jump. In fact, I'm so confident that this is the program you need I'm willing to do something a little CRAZY... If you decide to order The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0, I'll let you test out the program at MY RISK for 60 days. Perform all the best exercises, and start applying what I teach you on how to jump higher as soon as possible.

I guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with this program. But if you aren't, you can return the program at any time for a no hassles, no questions asked 100% refund. If you're not absolutely blown away by the quality of the product, just send me an e-mail with "refund" in the subject line and I'll cheerfully give you your money back.

The reason why I can make such a killer guarantee is that I KNOW that this program is going to be what you need to start dunking. And I want you to be just as certain before you order it. I truly want to help you increase your vertical leap. I get emails every day from guys who have used my training methods to start dunking, and I want to help you do that as well.

New Release Special Price:

Limited Copies Available

To celebrate the new release of the Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 system, I am going to release the first few thousand copies at an INSANELY low price. But as much as I enjoy helping my valued customers I know it won't be long before my team is overwhelmed... and at that point I will have no choice but to RAISE THE PRICE.

So make sure you order now and lock in the launch special offer before it's too late:

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More User Submitted Progress...

Look forward to seeing you on the other side.

To Your Success,

Maks P.

P.S. If you are looking to finally increase your vertical leap to new heights and taking your game to the next level you need to get our program. We have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so there is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

P.S.S. I reserve the right to end our limited time introductory price at any time. If you want to make sure that you get our discount I urge you to order now. This offer may be gone very soon.

P.P.P.S. If you’re still wondering if The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 is right for you, just read the questions and answers below.

VJT 2.0 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who the heck is Maks P. and why should I trust him?

I’m an "everyday" person just like you.... Except I’m obsessed when it comes to thoroughly researching and discovering the REAL truth about "increasing" your vertical jump. This product has been my life's work for 7+ years and is designed to finally sum up how to train correctly to jump high. I believe in practicing what you preach. To prove this, I myself went from touching the rim to dunking in just 8 weeks of training.

Q: What is The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 and how does it work? 

The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 is a progressive system that can be used year long to help you increase your vertical over the course of 3 different training phases. Because you are going through different phases you continuously make gains in your vertical with each phase unlike many other programs that offer a quick spike before hitting a plateau.

Q: How fast will I see results? 

Many athletes report gains of 1-3 inches after the first week of training. As long as you follow the program you will see results as soon as the first week. The fastest results come in the early weeks of the program. After that you will consistently gain inches on your vertical jump. The best results will be seen when you are done with the program and take a week off to rest your legs.  

Q. Why is The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 ONLY $27? 

The first thing I wanted to do was to make sure ANYONE who wants to increase their vertical jump and dunk for the first time could afford this system. That’s why I’ve decided to keep the price point so low to start with. But once my customer support team has reached its limit, please understand that I may have to make some price adjustments.

Q:  Am I going to get injured doing this type of training? 

Nope. In fact, one of the keys to The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 system is that you are being taken progressively through the program. Instead of starting off with high intensity exercises you’ll have to build yourself to get to that level. This ensures us that you are at the right levels needed to go ahead and perform all the exercises within this program.

Q: What happens if this program doesn’t work for me? 

Simple. Then it’s ALL FREE. Listen, if you follow The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 and you don't see an increase in your vertical jump within 60 days, just contact me and we’ll refund every penny. Fair enough? So now you have ZERO risk and I carry the burden by standing behind my promise. I’ve provided the road map. Now it’s up to you to take action.

Q:  How much time and effort does this program require? 

Most of the workouts will take you about 30 minutes to complete. You will do those workouts only 3 times a week. With that said, you will need to put as much effort as you possibly can into each workout. Because of the way this program is designed even less time is required as we focus on the quality versus the quantity of training fast twitch muscle fibers that directly impact your vertical leap.

Q:  Can I use The Vertical Jump Truth 2.0 program more than once? 

Yes, because this system follows a term called periodization. You will be able to go ahead and do the program over and over again as many times as you would like. All you will have to do is make minor tweaks to the program so that even when you reach your goal you can continue to train with this same program and make even more gains.

Q:  How can you really guarantee me 10 inches in 12 weeks?!?!?

People who tell you that 10 inches in 12 weeks is not possible are not familiar with the correct vertical jump training methods that professional athletes have been using for years. That being said, there are exception... To this day I have not had one person complete this training and not be 100% satisfied with the results. Results are the only cure to an unbelieving athlete!

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